Solid Engineered Timber Doors.

Engineered Timber Doors: Affordable, Timeless, Secure.

Our engineered timber doors come with a Meranti veneer giving you the timeless look and feel of a premium hardwood door with a much more affordable cost in comparison.

All of our Engineered timber doors are designed to meet Bush Fire Attack levels from BAL 12.5 to BAL 29 when fitted with a suitable frame as per AS3959-2009 AMDT 3-2011 (must include 6mm toughened glass, when making your glass selection).

As well as offering superior style, quality and safety, our engineered timber doors are environmentally friendly, produced from planted species reducing the overall carbon footprint of your new door as well as offering energy savings in your home due to the excellent thermal properties of an engineered door.

With a wide choice of finishes and glass you can be sure of a unique, stylish entrance to your home with a Solid Engineered Timber Door.

Contemporary Entrance Doors

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Solid Panel Timber Doors

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Frequently asked questions.

Why should I choose engineered timber instead of solid timber?

The benefits are very clear.

  • Look and feel of a high end timber door.
  • Better Thermal Rating than timber alone.
  • BAL Bush Fire Attack Rating
  • Made in collaboration with the Indonesian Rainforest Foundation.
  • High-level of security.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
Did You Know?

All our Solid Engineered Timber Doors are manufactured using Indonesian Legal Wood, with a yearly contribution of manufacturing profits given to reforestation programs.

Can a veneered timber door be cut to size?

Yes – all of our engineered timber doors can be cut down in height by up to 60mm and each style can be trimmed by up to 12 mm.

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